Do not lose the compass

Do not lose the compass

How do Italians and foreigners move during the summer of 2018. Who goes where and why? Confturismo-Confcommercio together with the federations of category, with the contribution of the Piepoli Institute, has taken the photograph of the summer of the holidays.

Approximately 300,000 Italians have canceled or moved a holiday between May and July due to bad weather. In the face of positive initial forecasts that forecast increases in arrivals and spending by tourists on the national territory, summer 2018, heavily penalized by bad weather in June and for a good part of July, now registers very different situations from area to area and in any case not increases are expected compared to 2017.

As far as foreign tourists heading for Italy alone is concerned, the redistribution of preferences between destination areas in favor of the South and islands stands out. In fact, in this area, in 2017, only 15% of the total expenditure of foreign tourists in Italy was recorded, this year’s figure jumped to 21%. The expenses are mainly the North-West, which drops by 4 percentage points, and the North-East which loses 3.

The average budget of Italians for the summer holiday will be 847 euros per capita and the month where you will spend the most is August with an average expenditure of 910 euros. In general, compared to the summer of 2017, 13% more respondents declare that they will spend an amount greater for their holidays than they spent the previous year. 16 billion foreigners’ spending in Italy, 7 billion euros higher than the spending of Italians abroad (9 billion). A surplus that is not recorded in any other sector of the Italian economy.

More than 38 million international passengers will transit at our airports, over 2 million more than in the summer of 2017, half of which will be in Southern Italy. The destinations of the South Bank – Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey – after being substantially out of action for over 3 years, return particularly aggressive and increase in considerable amounts arrivals especially from France and Germany, the latter top client of the Italian offer with 20% of the total tourist spending of foreigners in our country. At the end of July there was a trend of arrivals, presences and non-uniform spending, with results below expectations, often falling compared to 2017. Average duration of the trip substantially unchanged compared to last year but average expenditure up on all destinations and vacation segments.

In the first places among Italians’ bookings in travel agencies Spain, Italy and Greece. Sensitive growth also for the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, Maldives at the head. Positive signals also from Tunisia, Turkey, Tanzania and the Caribbean. The top destinations in Italy are Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia.

The restaurant does not seem enthusiastic about the trend of the summer season. Indeed, pessimism is the prevailing sentiment among the companies interviewed by Fipe. If for the month of June the results are more or less in line with those of a year ago, it is in July that the assessment becomes strongly negative. In fact, the balance between those who believe that the month will be better than last year and who, on the contrary, believes that it will be worse is equal to -37.5%. If at the end of the season this sentiment is confirmed we can talk about -10% compared to the 2017 season. Bad presences on the beach in the first two summer months, only a few places were not affected by the bad weather that characterized, above all, the June.

The president of Confturismo Luca Patanè: “We have a treasure in our hands, politics stop ignoring us”

Commenting on the data from the Confturismo – Piepoli survey, President Patanè stressed the importance of the tourism sector for the economy of the country: “We have a treasure in our hands, from tourism great development opportunities can come for our economy”. “But politics – warned Patanè – must stop ignoring us. The Tourism Plan made by the previous government, was built well but did not have a budget. In addition we need to improve the promotion of the country and we must do it with adequate resources and in a centralized way “. Patanè then said he was worried about the decree dignity: “The introduction of vouchers for our sector is a step forward but it’s a small thing, we need to intervene on taxation by lowering VAT and on the flexibility of work that in tourism is mainly seasonal “.

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