Book from the Internet

Book from the Internet

Book in the agency or on the internet? Pros and cons!
The Internet has also revolutionized the world of travel and the online platforms that allow you to book flights, accommodation, car rental, etc., allowing significant savings, are multiplying faster and faster. In the past they used to rely on a travel agency almost for every move, near or far and today, even if the same agencies have evolved and many of them operate exclusively on the internet, there is still a good slice of travelers who prefers to rely on them to plan a holiday. Is it just a simple nostalgia for the old days or is it actually better to book with an agency? And in which cases is it better to rely on the internet instead?

Advantages of booking in the agency
The stories of travelers scammed by often non-existent or inefficient agencies have pushed even more tourists to turn to the Internet, but we must not generalize: there are serious agencies, just knowing how to choose carefully, perhaps reading the reviews of customers who have already used the services of a specific agency. We must then dispel a commonplace: it is said that booking on the internet is saved; this can happen certainly, many times, but not always. Thanks to their partnerships with hotels, airlines and tour operators, the agencies launch special offers in advance of the Internet and often the rates are even better, because if the online price can change from one day to the next, The agency is sometimes based on more or less fixed contracts and therefore the price remains almost unchanged. And the savings are also in terms of time: organizing a trip in fact requires a certain planning and, depending on the type of holiday, you may have to spend several hours surfing the internet consulting booking portals, tourist sites and social networks in search of best offer on hotels, flights, cars, excursions, etc., especially if you have to book a more complicated itinerary with more destinations. The travel agent takes care of the research for you and with a substantial difference: he knows the location he must advise and sell. So you know which airports are closest to the center, which means to use to get to the hotel, what are the attractions that are worth visiting according to your tastes and the type of holiday you want to do.

And the agency’s tasks go beyond the simple booking: they will worry about all the visa-related practices, where required, and will notify you if there are any vaccines to be made, giving you advice on possible health and safety risks in the destination country . And, with regard to this, even if traveling today is much simpler and faster, accidents or accidents can always happen and in these situations what makes the difference between internet and an agency is precisely the assistance and experience of the latter in promptly solving any problem, whether it is a delayed or canceled flight or a more serious accident. Many travelers are not prepared to handle the unexpected and in many cases do not even worry about taking out insurance. By booking an agency you will not only purchase the insurance with the package, but the agency itself is required by law to assist its customer until the return, and in any case the assistance is also provided with the aim of retaining the customer and to entice him to book again. In addition to emergency assistance, once you have booked the agency it will also help you when you need or change your trip; even if you book on the internet you can still change the date, time or other details of your flight or your hotel reservation, you must do it yourself, by contacting the company or the hotel. So instead of spending time on the phone or waiting for the hotel email, you can delegate this task to your travel agent.

Without a shadow of a doubt, then, the choice of the agency is essential when you start a group because the agency not only manages to book all the necessary seats on the same flight, at the same price and maybe even neighbors, but often makes use of guides or tour leaders on site that will accompany you in the various excursions and will be at your disposal for any information or problem that may arise. This proves to be very useful if, for example, you do not speak well the local language or English or if none of the participants knows at least superficially the location.

Advantages of booking on the internet
On the other hand, if you have to book a simple individual trip for one or two people, internet can be a convenient solution for those who want to save money. This is mainly because online the offer is undoubtedly more extensive and buy

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